Tradewinds Country Inn

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 Tradewinds Country Inn


12 Hely Hutchinson Road
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Savour elegant, gourmet treats in the Tides Inn Restaurant, where the guests avail themselves of the chef’s inspired selection of fresh, local culinary delights;   or indulge in barefoot snacks on the beach or the lagoon Braais which the hotel has become famous for -  our selection of delectable dining options satisfy even the most jaded palates.




Indulge in a pre-dinner drink in the traditional Mahogany Reef Bar, enjoy a  long cool cocktail on the Tradewinds terrace at the end of another day…  share a glass of wine under the stars with the one you love alongside the biggest sparkling blue swimming pool in Mtunzini! 

Again, your options at Tradewinds satisfy any mood.